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If you are looking for Los Angeles lawyers who have experience in complex business fraud and deceit cases, look to Lesowitz Gebelin LLP. Our trial attorneys have successfully handled all types of business fraud and deceit lawsuits throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. Our lawyers have the trial experience you need in prosecuting or defending a business fraud lawsuit. Our business litigation attorneys can help you resolve the toughest fraud cases, relying on their experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in business fraud and deceit cases.

Defending or bringing a business fraud lawsuit can be a complicated matter. For the business fraud plaintiff, marshalling the evidence to show the defendant’s misrepresentations and the intent to defraud can be a high hurdle to overcome.

Claims for Business Fraud and Deceit Under California Law

A plaintiff bringing claims for intentional misrepresentation in California bears the burden of proof to show:

  • The defendant made a false representation of a fact to the plaintiff;
  • The defendant knew the representation was false or was reckless that it was false;
  • The defendant intended for the plaintiff to rely on the representation;
  • The plaintiff reasonably relied on the false representation;
  • The plaintiff’s reliance on the misrepresentation was a substantial factor in causing the Plaintiff harm.

California Civil Code sections 1709, 1710; Engalla v.Permanente Medical Group, Inc., 15 Cal.4th 951, 974 (1997).

Claims of fraud via concealment under California law also require a plaintiff to establish that the defendant was in a position where it was required to disclose the concealed information, either due to a relationship like as a business partner or other fiduciary, or that it made selective disclosures that were deceptive because of the concealment.  Like in misrepresentation cases, the plaintiff must still show intent to deceive, justifiable reliance, and that the concealment was a substantial factor in causing harm.

False promise claims are another type of business fraud and deceit causes of action available under California law. They are similar to other fraud and deceit claims, but arise where a defendant made a promise to the plaintiff that it did not intend to keep at the time the promise was made and caused harm to a plaintiff because of the deceit.

Experience You Need for Your Business Fraud and Deceit Litigation

While business fraud often seems obvious to a defrauded party, a fraud trial can be one of the most difficult cases to litigate and present to a jury. A defrauded and deceived business’ very existence can be on the line in cases where it has been taken advantage of by deceitful practices. Make sure that you use experienced attorneys like Lesowitz Gebelin LLP to handle such an important case for your business.

Defending a business fraud lawsuit can also be complicated, and the outcome of business fraud and deceit litigation can be devastating to the defendant business. Often, plaintiffs may bring claims for intentional misrepresentation, false promise, or other forms of fraud or deceit in a breach of contract cause of action. While the fraud cause of action may not be winnable at trial, it is often much more difficult to stop a fraud cause of action with a motion for summary judgment. This often means that the fraud cause of action will be a part of the lawsuit when it goes to trial. Because a claim of fraud can subject a defendant to punitive damages in addition to any actual damages, it increases a defendant’s risk at trial.

The Los Angeles business fraud and deceit litigators at Lesowitz Gebelin LLP have been successful in both prosecuting and defending business fraud lawsuits. We work closely with our clients to formulate a winning strategy to get the best result in your matters and achieving your goals, whether that requires aggressively litigation tactics or more subtle approaches. Let our experienced business litigation attorneys help you achieve your goals.

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