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Scott Lesowitz earned his undergraduate degree from UCLA, cum laude, in 2004. He then earned his law degree from Harvard Law School, cum laude, in 2007. Scott’s email address is, and his phone number is 310-341-3076.

Scott served for four years as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of California. Scott received a tremendous amount of practical experience while serving in the U.S. Attorneys’ Office. Scott tried over ten cases. Scott filed more than ten appellate briefs. Scott conducted oral arguments to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on four occasions. Scott also oversaw investigations, earning two awards from investigative agencies. Additionally, Scott helped to train other attorneys.

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Since leaving the U.S. Attorneys’ Office, Scott has practiced civil litigation in the Los Angeles, California, area. Scott strives hard to perform top-notch legal work for his clients. Scott works to litigate aggressively but at the same time to maximize value for his clients and to think in his clients’ best interests. At times, aggressive, hard-nosed tactics are best. At other times, pragmatism, compromise, and cooperation will yield the best results. Not all matters are the same.

Scott’s litigation practice has focused largely on matters involving business disputes, intellectual property, internet and technology issues, and defamation. Scott’s litigation practice has been diverse.

Scott is licensed to practice law in California and New York.

Scott believes that to be a successful litigator, an attorney must appreciate that he or she always has more to learn and more to improve on. While much learning and development will come from the actual practice of law, it is also important to continue to study the law, to write on new topics, and to teach. Scott has published in diverse publications including the Harvard Journal on Legislation, the Northern Illinois University Law Review, and Intellectual Property Magazine, and the Daily Journal.

Outside of work, as the proud father of three boys aged six and under, Scott is seemingly never away from having to resolve conflicts, having to hear arguments regarding what is and what is not fair, and having to intervene in disputes regarding rights of ownership and usage (usually over toys and Lego, but at times over items that one would never have thought that one child would care about in the first place, let alone two or three children).

Scott is one of many lawyers in his family. His father is a retired real estate transactions attorney. His sister is a family law attorney. Scott’s wife Amanda is also a litigation attorney and works for Lesowitz Gebelin LLP. Scott has one cousin who is a criminal defense attorney. He has another cousin who is a wills and trust attorney. He has another cousin who is a workers’ compensation and personal injury attorney. Scott’s mother and aunt are retired public school teachers, and his cousin serves as an assistant principle within the Los Angeles Unified School District. This is all despite neither of Scott’s grandfathers having graduated from high school.

Before the crash of 2000, Scott worked briefly as a computer programmer. Prior to the crash, apparently being only 17 years old and self-taught did not disqualify one from being employed as a computer programmer. Scott went to work one day, and the doors to the office were locked. The business had closed without having provided any notice to the employees. Scott still has not received his last $184 in pay.

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